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    After much research, I have added more videos to our amazing Famparc website. Below.. Our Shared Gallery... This is available to all Famparc Members to view and upload your own images and videos.. I have now added some videos from VK3FS.. Click Here Below.. Our Video Library for all to view... I have now added more vidoes from VK3FS.. Enjoy.. Click here

  • Remembrance Day Contest 2024

    Remembrance Day Contest 17th & 18th August 2024 Contest Manager Alan Shannon Rule changes in 2021 1. Foundation Licence sections discontinued 2. Remote station operation is allowed. Contest Introduction This contest commemorates the Amateurs who died during World War II and is designed to encourage friendly participation and help improve the operating skills of participants. It is held on the weekend closest to the 15th August, the date on which hostilities ceased in the southwest Pacific area.A perpetual trophy is awarded annually to the Australian state or territory with the best performance. The name of the winning State or Territory is inscribed on the trophy, and that State or Territory then holds the trophy for 12 months. The winning State or Territory is also given a certificate, as are leading entrants. Aim Of The Contest Amateurs will endeavour to contact amateurs in VK call areas, ZL and P29 on all bands except WARC bands. Modes allowed are PHONE, CW and RTTY as per the era remembered.

  • BAREC Radiofest 2024

    BAREC Radiofest 2024 , hosted by the Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club. This exciting event will bring together enthusiasts, experts and hobbyists from all over to celebrate and explore the world of amateur radio and electronics. Event Information Date, Time and Location Sunday August 18, 2024. Doors open at 10:00 AM.East Bendigo Public Hall,35 Lansell Street, East Bendigo, VIC 3550.Google Maps: 67WV+7R3 East Bendigo, Victoria Admission $5 per person, sold at the door. Food and Drinks will be available for sale on-site. For more information, email , or phone our secretary, Peter VK3PWJ on 0421 349 169, or Mark VK3PDG on 0407 844 063. Vendors Tables are $20 and this fee includes 1 admission. Additional persons required are available at $5 each.Table bookings are processed in the order they're received. Powered tables are limited so please ensure to register as soon as possible. Vendors registration: BAREC Radiofest 2024 Vendor Table Registration Form .


    During our July monthly meeting the club decided to investigate whether to build a remote radio station (RRS). To clarify how we think an RRS might be used, the club will run an RRS user-needs workshop on Saturday 27 July from 1000-1115  in the club rooms. Ian (VK3KO) will facilitate the workshop and it will be your opportunity to have a say on what you think a useful FAMPARC remote facility should provide. We will also identify any operating or technical constraints which any design should consider. Could you please make note of you interest or thoughts below in the comments area.


    During our most recent monthly meeting in July, Lino VK3EI made an appearance to showcase his incredible Amateur Radio Trailer. (which is currently available for purchase.) The trailer is very well equipped and can be deployed very quickly. We are very grateful to Lino for making the effort to come and showcase his radio equipment.


    Another Amateur Radio Foundation Course will be conducted by Famparc. new course July 20 - 21 2024 DETAILS: SATURDAY: The course is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am and end around 4 pm on Saturday, with a 30-minute break around midday and additional short breaks throughout the day. SUNDAY: On Sunday at 10 am, there will be a review session for students to clarify any confusing topics from the Foundation Syllabus. This session is expected to last approximately 2 hours. Subsequently, the practical and theory exams will be conducted. The class schedule may vary depending on the students present. Please allow a full day Saturday and most of the Sunday. INTERESTED? If you are interested, the club is looking for participants to determine the level of interest in both courses. WEBPAGE: Please use the Foundation Licence Course  page on the Famparc website. Click here.   At the bottom of the page, there is a form where you can choose the Course that interests you.


    The upcoming July monthly meeting (Sat. 6th July) will not only feature the usual fun and excitement but also a special visit from Lino VK3EI , who will demonstrate his impressive Amateur Radio Trailer . Saturday 6th July Lino will be showing off his creation straight after the close of the meeting, which is usually around 11:30am. So come along to the Famparc Club Rooms and meet Lino VK3EI. Thanks to its dual axle design, the trailer is easy to tow and remains stable even on rough roads. It has successfully navigated challenging terrain without showing any signs of struggling. See you at the club rooms! 6th july 2024.

  • Amateur repeater and beacons assignment process

    The ACMA is introducing more options for the amateur community to licence repeater and beacon services. We are also increasing the transparency of the frequency coordination process. For further information and to have your say Click Here.

  • The Ionosphere

    With many thanks to VK3FS The ionosphere is the ionized part of Earth’s upper atmosphere that extends from about 80 to 600 km above sea level. It’s a region within the thermosphere filled with charged particles that play a crucial role in radio communication by reflecting radio waves back to Earth. It also contributes to auroras and is ionized by solar radiation. This video briefly overviews the 3 regions of the Ionosphere, how they work and how they were discovered. Do you know how the E layer got its name? Do you know what the Appleton Layer is? Find out more at

  • Men's Health Week 2024

    Men's Health Week 2024 International Men's Health Week is celebrated every year around the world in the middle of June. It is an opportunity to highlight the importance of men's health, and to promote and support the health and wellbeing of men and boys in our communities. Men's Health Week focuses on not just physical health, but also men's mental health and emotional wellbeing. During the week, we highlight the health challenges faced by men in Australia and worldwide and run events that can be replicated year-round to improve the physical, emotional and mental health of men and boys. Through a series of promotions, events and publicity around the country, Men's Health Week is designed to provoke thought and discussion about what needs to be done to improve male health. Coordinated in Australia by the Centre for Male Health at Western Sydney University Men’s Health Week is coordinated by the Centre for Male Health at Western Sydney University. Our close connections with community and government organisations across Australia enable us to develop the kinds of networks and partnerships that bring together people who care about better health for men and boys. Engaging Communities Men's Health Week works on the understanding that the best people to improve men's health in Australia are those who live, work and engage with men and boys in communities around the country. Event organisers will receive digital resources to support their efforts in engaging local men and boys and help them run successful events during Men's Health Week. Contact the Centre for Male Health for more information. More Information Here.. And Here! Stay healthy chaps!

  • RASA Foundation Level Study Guide

    RASA developed this resource to make your entry into the hobby easier and cheaper. Like all our resources, the FLSG is free, and we encourage you to share it with your club, friends and others who may be interested in becoming a radio amateur. For further information and assistance.. Click Here.


    SILENT KEY Our good friend and long club member and mentor to others Bill GRYPSTRA passed away on Saturday 1st June. Bill has been an integral part of the club for many many years, and working with Allan used his talents to create and build the famous Famparc HF Whip. Rest in Peace our good friend.. You will be missed ! Goodbye to my old mate. Billy One of the most wonderful members of FAMPARC I have ever known Bill was a radio student of mine in the mid nineties when I was living at Carrum. Bill became the quintessential member. Being the ‘engineer’ in the FAMPARC whip project President of the club for many years and Club Net Co-Ordinator for over 20 years Billy VK3MMM achieved his standard licence with me. I remeadially coached his CW and still have no idea how he passed. But through his sheer determination and ethic he passed He would also we help anyone who was active. I built many an offshoot of the FAMPARC whip. The best the 13’ 160m version Billy and Alan VK3AB SK Helped make this great antenna a reality. Billy was always keen to assist. Billy was a key driver in the whip project making FAMPARC popular and financially successful to sustain its future On the net, the ultimate ringmaster that never faltered and was funny when he did it. For over twenty years So long my friend I will miss our deep and meaningful conversations on the back tailgate of the Falcon Wagon Billy you will be sorely missed by all your friends at FAMPARC sleep tight. Peter Willmott VK3TQ Bill was not just a past member he was a past president Rip Bill Peter VK3IJ I did not know Bill all that well, but I do know what he had done for the club, such a legend.. I loved his grumby outlook on life, a front of course, but even with that, I could always make him sing... Memories... la la la la la.. You will always be remembered my good friend ! Keep singing mate.. Craig Shine VK3NCR.. I only knew bill as the Gate keeper. He would be sitting at the door to the club rooms, and ensured that coffee fees where paid, and registration for meeting signed. Until the end he was handing out gear that others may have a use for and I know this first hand due to a radio from a Lancaster Bomber, which is in the hands of the Benalla Aviation Museum. Thank you Bill for your dedication to the club and its core functions. Rest in Peace and may the radios continue to communicate with you. Harry Williams VK3GQK

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