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Youtube Videos:  

As we all know Youtube and similar sites have a wealth of information on all sorts of topics, way to many to mention here, however...

We have put together a range of Amateur Radio Youtube clips that we think are of great interest to many Amateurs.

Feel free to contact us if you find a video that you think is worth while and would like it added to this site.

Enjoy !

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Amateur Microwave It's easier than you think 2024

Amateur Microwave It's easier than you think 2024

This is the 2024 update of "Amateur Microwave It's easier than you think" Since the first edition of this video, Icom has released the IC-905 SHF transceiver. This has added a level of simplicity for those keen to get on the higher bands. It's now included in this video along with new portable operations. Microwaves are the highest frequency radio bands in Amature Radio. It's the final frontier for many amateur radio operators offering unique challenges with big rewards. This video was made to inspire and encourage the use of these bands. The demands on the spectrum around the world from commercial users have never been so great. If we want to keep these bands, we have to use them. Learn more at 00:00 | Introduction 01:19 | Icom's IC-905 03:25 | Electromagnetic Energy 04:02 | Microwave Spectrum 04:26 | Foundation Licence 05:39 | Standard Licence 06:10 | Advanced Licence - 10GHz over 150km example 08:03 | Microwave Spectrum in Australia 08:38 | Resources - Websites, Social Media and Magazines 09:02 | Dubus 10:40 | Radio Clubs and Contests - EMDRC / Brisbane VHF Group 10:37 | MADs 11:10 | Equipment needed and where to get it. 12:32 | IF Radios - FT-818 / IC-705 14:05 | Transverters - SG Laboratory / Kuhne 15:10 | Antennas including PCB test 17:09 | 23cm equipment 18:04 | 13cm equipment 19:04 | 9cm equipment 20:48 | 6cm equipment 21:57 | 3cm equipment 24:13 | mmWave 25:15 | Where and how to buy a 13cm transverter