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Amateur Radio Licencing 

Welcome to the world of Amateur Radio. There are some rules and regulations that you must adhere to before you can transmit on the Amateur Bands.

Here is a link to the governing authority, the ACMA - Australian Communications and Media Authority,  which explains all of the necessary regulations required.

ACMA - Australian Communications and Media Authority

We at FAMPARC pride ourselves on being diverse, our members come from all walks of life, and they are willing to assist the newcomer with the ability to operate successfully with the many different modes of communication available to us.
The old stable Morse Code (CW) is no longer a requirement for an Amateur Radio licence in Australia, but there are many amateurs still using this mode.
So you can make choices with operating HF and Single Side Band (SSB), or AM, which gives access to overseas communications, to localised FM and Digital modes such as FT8, DMR, D-Star, Fusion etc., Amateur Television, and Satellites communication.
We have excellent radio equipment available in a quiet location, and our members are here to assist.


Membership  Application  and Renewals

Clicking the button below will bring up the interactive membership form.
If your browser is FIREFOX, the form may go direct to your Downloads folder.
All other browsers will display the form on your screen, and after completing the relevant information click the "Submit" button.
If errors occur please type your details and email via our contact form.

       or print it and mail it to:
        PO Box 65 
        Patterson Lakes Vic 3197.

Please refer to the adjacent panel to pay for your Membership Annual Subscription.

New Members discount: 
Our financial year ends on 31st December,
and new members joining between 1 July and 30 September, a 50% fee reduction is applicable. New members joining from 1st October a 70% fee reduction is applicable.
The next year subscriptions will be as per the adjacent  "Annual Subscriptions" panel.


Annual Subscriptions 
The club year ends on 31st December. 

Pricing as of 1st Jan. 2024
Current subs are: 
     Retired /Student / Pensioner $45 
     Family $55
    Our bankers are NAB, Frankston 
    BSB: 083-253 Acct No: 03-683-3688 

Membership Annual Subscriptions (Subs) may be paid direct to our account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please note your callsign or name on the payment advice, and send a confirmation email to: , to advise our treasurer that you have made a payment.

Alternatively Credit Card debit facilities are available from the Treasurer at the club, or payment may be made in cash.  The club does have a Card Reader for payment.

Please do NOT send cash in the mail. 
Regretfully, cheque facilities are now obsolete​. 
 Sorry no Bpay available.

Existing members renewing their subscriptions, kindly refer to the "Annual Subscriptions" instructions in the above.

New Members:

You can apply on-line via our on-line form:


FAMPARC Logo Colour.png
Working With Children Check

Note: For Famparc Members who wish to utilise and visit our club room, you will require a "Working With Children Check"

Basic details are available on our website.  Click Here

FAMPARC Club rooms are located on the grounds of the Cornish College, and therefor as it is a school for children, the school requires all members who attend the club rooms, have a current Working With Children Check. For access to the Famparc club rooms, please include the WWC details below. You must have a current WWC Card to enter the school grounds and access our club rooms.. Thank you!

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