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A few weeks ago one of our members Stanley VK3BOT made mention that he was heading bush for a few nights.

I asked him if we could make this a Famparc Event for all members.. He agreed so I posted the details on our blog post. See here..

The camp ground is called The Poplars which is around 8k from the tiny town of Noojee.

We arrived on the Monday and setup, what a loverly place and especially on a week day, with only 3 others camped.

Craig vk3ncr, Stanley vk3bot.

There are lots of designated camp sites for all types of camping, Tent, Swag, Camper Trailer, Caravan and Motorhome.

Monday afternoon after setting up, Ken, vk3mjf managed to find the camp ground after a few adjustments to his route.. LOL!!

Both Stanley and I were surprised that he did not bring his swag or tent, but after a little bit of convincing, he returned home and drove up the next day with his kit.

Ken stayed one night with his woofer..

The following day, Wednesday after Ken departed, Murray vk3fadx and his wife Rose dropped in for an hour. I'm sure Murray will be saying longer next time.

The camp site offers as mentioned above, many sites, as well as 4 drop toilets and a small Shelter Shed.

Other features that I really enjoyed was the peace and quiet, and the walks along and around the camp ground and the adjoining Loch River.. A great place to simply relax and breath in the clean fresh air and enjoy the bush.

The weather was just perfect with those still Autumn days with lots of sunshine.

The band conditions were remarkable with absolutely no QRM, with stations that had no S point on the meter coming through loud and clear.

We were running own setups, having both the IC705 through a 40M End Fed. A simple yet a very effective station.

A wonderful few days/nights away, relaxing, cooking, camping and playing radio.

Let's hope we have more of a take up for the next Famparc Camp Out !

Thanks to Stanley for arranging this and selecting a superb campsite.. I'll be back sooner rather than later.

If any members have a similar campsite drop us an email.

Camped: Stanley vk3bot, Craig vk3ncr, Ken vk3mjf

Visited: Murray vk3fadx

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Bilinmeyen üye
17 May

Thank you for this post Craig. A good time was had by all. There were three other groups camping whilst we were there. This afforded an opportunity to showcase what we’re about and what we do.

Why the Poplars Campground? It is roughly and hour from Melbourne. It has toilets. It has well laid out campsites. It is acceptable by two wheel drive. As Craig has stated, it addition to radio, there is bushwalking and fishing.

And well done with the photos Craig.


Bilinmeyen üye
17 May

Looks and sounds like Paradise. Maybe a Swag for the next one. Though I will have to purchase a bracket for the Harley.

Bilinmeyen üye
17 May
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Hey Mitch,

Would be great to see you there.. I thought you were selling the Harley ?



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