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Updated: Apr 19

On the 13th of May 2024 myself, Stan VK3BOT and Craig, VK3NCR propose a radio and camping trip to The Poplars Campground, Loch Valley Rd via Noojee. I am going on the Monday 13th May , returning home on the Saturday. Depending on Weather Conditions!

WHEN: (updated new date)

13Th May for a Week Pending Weather


The Poplars Campground, Loch Valley Rd via Noojee (See Map Here)

Click Here for more information on the camp ground.

Club Members are invited to join us. The campground is accessible by two wheel drive and can be done on less than a tank of fuel.

The campground has drop pit toilets. There is a river running around one side.

There are loads of trees to hang antennas from.

There is also a gazebo type structure to shelter in.

I am taking two radios. I want to put in some learning time on my Icom IC-705 and play with antennas.

So, if you would like to play radio, eat bad food, breath campfire smoke and generally have a relaxing good time, please do join us. Make it a day trip or stay as many days as you like.


Stanley J. Mitchell


Telstra only and that’s patchy at best. 4G one bar dropping to 3G.

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I just wish I could get away from work. I'm keen to hear how it goes.

I would have liked to trial my "new" 80/40/20/10m OCF against the EFHWs as well. I've done that elsewhere and it is always interesting to me.

I'm not a camper (not having hotel room service is camping for me <smile>).

Kudos for getting out there and doing it.



Disappointing reaction to this post..

I'm keen as mustard !




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