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Hi Members,

Don Johnson

Many of you may not know of this chap, as he only joined our club last year during the Mens Shed Dromana Day.

However some of you will remember Don and his quick wit, engaging smile, and humour.

Last year not long after he joined our club I was concerned why Don had not been coming to the club rooms, so I sent a few text to him, only to find out that hen was battling Stage 4 Bladder Cancer..

I must say that I was deeply saddened and shocked!

I have been keeping in contact with him since his diagnosis back in October, I thought he was going ok, but earlier this year I noticed that he was not replying to my text messages..

Kate, his daughter contacted me last week, and we finally caught up on the phone last Saturday only to find out that Don had passed late January. Of course this was shocking news!... I then asked if the family would allow us to make note of him and his sudden passing on our website.

Although our friendship was very brief, I was hoping he would battle through this terrible diagnoses and continue to enjoy our club and it's members..

Please take the time to think about Don and his family.

Here are a few words from his family. (Kate)

Hi all

This is Don’s family here. You might have known that Don/Dad/Pop had been battling cancer for a few months.

Unfortunately his condition deteriorated suddenly  and he passed away peacefully at 1.20am on 29th January surrounded by his nearest and dearest.

He leaves a lasting legacy of love, humour and strength.

From Di, Drew and Nicola, Sarah and Stephen, Kate and Andrew, Cam and Kylie, and dad’s beloved 11 grandchildren and 2 great grand children.

Rest in Peace Don.. Although a very brief friendship, you will be dearly missed.

On behalf of the members of Famparc..



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Unknown member
Feb 27

Very sad news. Condolences to his family. He was a very nice bloke.

F#%k cancer

Unknown member
Feb 27
Replying to

Yes.. very sad indeed mate !

He never even got a chance to get his license.


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