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train it to hamfest UPDATED

Updated: May 8

11th May 2024

is the Moorabbin Hamfest.

Be early to get a seat on the train!

A few Club members including myself are intending to catch the train from the Seaford Railway Station.

Meet CARRUM Station:

The Train leave Carrum Station at 8:09am arriving Moorabbin 8:34am, it's then a very short walk from the station to the venue.

train departs CARRUM station:

8:09am based on the PT Journey App.

See you on the Platform 2.

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Unknown member
Apr 25

That is an official link to this event. I will get the train up from Chelsea at about 9 o’clock-ish.

The lighting in the room where the event is held is poor at best unless they have improved it in the last twelve months.

There is food sales on sight but I think I might bring an indoor picnic. And my handheld. Actually it could be a good place to try out our Icom 705.

Unknown member
Apr 26
Replying to

I would be driving down to Seaford then coming back through Chelsea to go to Moorabbin. Also you’re going early.

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