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FAMPARC participated in the Train and Hobby show at Sandown Racecourse from 11th to 13th March 2023. All different hobbyist from train, Aircraft, handicraft, and Amateur Radio participated in the show.

Amateur Radio is represented by groups from Amateur Television, School Amateur Radio Club network and FAMPARC.

During the three days of the show there were visitors from children, students, and people from all age group. FAMPARC was represented by Mani VK3IR, John Cheeseman VK3XM, John Cooper VK3JCO, Jeff VK3VJS and Roy SWL.

We had many Hams from other clubs also visited our FAMPARC stand. We had HF and VHF rigs on display. Since our display stand was indoor inside the building the HF reception was very poor and we were unable make any contacts, but we had few contacts using DMR. John also displayed his remote station through his iPAD.

Craig VK3NCR produced a flyer about Amateur Radio Hobby with FAMPARC contact details, more than 100 flyers have been distributed to the visitor.

FAMPARC thanks all the participant in the Train & Hobby show, this participation have lifted FAMPAC profile among Ham community and also help to attract new members to the club.

Mani VK3IR

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