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The Australian Men’s Shed Association celebrated 30 years of men’s sheds in Australia, and the Safety Beach Dromana Men’s Shed is hosted “the shedder’s big breakfast” on Wednesday 23 August from 8am to midday.

Our club was invited to show off Amateur Radio as well as our club. Many of us arrived around 7am to setup our clubs pop-up tent, as well as the clubs promotional gear, tables and radios.

There were many others from other walks of life and hobbies. SPARC club also represented their club and the Amateur Radio hobby.

There were food refreshment stalls as well, and lots of coffee for a simple Gold Coin donation.

Our club members:

Craig vk3ncr

Roy vk3gb

Ken vk3mjf

Murray vk3fadx

Stanley vk3bot

Barry vk3vv

Mani vk3ir

Harry vk3har

John vk3jco

did a great job both with the setup of our display and promoting both our club and our great hobby, Amateur Radio.

Unfortunately due limitation in our HF antenna setup, HF did not do all that well. However the small IC-705 did a great job demonstrating the use of Digital modes such as DStar and the ability to contact and chat with people from around the world. Many contacts were made to the USA via the DStar VK3RWN on Mt Dandenong.

The weather was extremely kind to us with just perfect morning to be outdoors.

Thank you to the Dromana Mens Shed and the Australian Men’s Shed Association for this terrific event, we will be back next year.

Thank you also to our terrific bunch of guys from our club that made the time for this event, I do hope you enjoyed yourselves.. I did that's for sure.

I apologise if I left someone out from the members list above. Please feel free to update me.

Would also love to see some comments below.




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Unknown member
Aug 25, 2023

A very impressive setup inside their Mens’ Shed. Mind blowing range of tools available for use by members!

Interesting displays of some members handiwork skills and hobbies.

David Parkin (ex Carlton coach, Victoria College/Deakin Uni lecturer) invited to give an inspirational healthy lifestyle motivational talk to which I listened with interest.

Good companions, a great occasion.


Unknown member
Aug 25, 2023
Replying to

Hi John,

I did not manage to look around but did walk thru the shed itself and yes.. Mind Blowing.. if only our Amateur Radio Clubs could find the money to have even something half as good as their shed. Amazing !

I was great to see you there John.



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