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Updated: Jun 17

June 17th 2023 is QRP Day

The interest in QRP activities is everlasting in the amateur radio community worldwide.

QRP radio communications testify the high ability of radio amateurs and offers advantages concerning, among others, the reduction of QRM on the amateur bands.

The 10th IARU Region 3 Conference held in September 1997 in Beijing has resolved the following recommendations based on the document (97/X/14) submitted by NZART, which says; "That Region 3 Societies help to promote the IARU objectives for QRP operation, specifically:

i) to support QRP operation on June 17 each year; ii) to foster QRP activities by their members; iii) to encourage regular publication of QRP articles in their national magazines; iv) to provide QRP sections in any national contests; and v) to assist other Societies with the promotion and development of QRP."

Accordingly, member Societies are requested to note the above resolution and take appropriate actions with reference to the holdings of the following events, for example, in order to contribute to more effective use of radio spectrum: 1) QRP Field Day; 2) QRP Contest; 3) Distribution of QRP Transmitter Kits and Reference Book; and 4) Workshop of QRP Operation. 73, Yuki, Yosuke Uchiyama, JH1NBN Secretary, IARU Region 3

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