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Updated: Feb 11, 2023

And now for something different - Sporadic E propagation in 2 minutes (ish).

If the comments are encouraging, there'll be more 2 minute-ish videos! Feel free to suggest topics.

Sporadic E propagation is a type of radio wave propagation that occurs in the E layer of the ionosphere.

The E layer extends from about 90-120km above the earth’s surface.

Here's how it works More at

| Intro 00:08

| What and where is the E layer? 00:40

| 1475km Es 2m contact with VK4OX 01:05

| How E clouds are formed and work

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Unknown member
Feb 07, 2023

Fantastic short video showing an easy to understand how the six metre band can be active for working long distances, and how quickly it can fade. As always, you need to be at your radio to catch these openings. Well presented informative video.

Roy. vk3gb

Unknown member
Feb 07, 2023
Replying to

Yes.. amazing.. however both Foundation and Standard Licenses, are not allowed to operate the 50-52mhz portion of the 6M band.. Silly. really !😥

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