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Motorola DM4601e review

VHF/DMR radio Power levels 25-45 W 136-174 MHz,

Channel Capacity 1000

Super easy to program the analog channels a little finicky with DMR frequencies and setting up a hotspot on the VHF band, But after the first 10 entries it becomes second nature with a copy-and-paste feature in CPS.

As for the DMR the audio is 1000 better than what I am used to using with cheap Chinese radios. Because MOTOTRBO uses TDMA digital technology, you get integrated voice and data, twice the calling capacity, and clearer voice communications With Intelligent Audio, the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate for background noise so ham users don’t have to keep adjusting their radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud situations or disturbing nagging wives

. Increased background noise suppression filters out unwanted external noises – from road traffic to your HF radio hissing in the background

*And no need to adjust the offset on the Hotspot as the radio is dead on frequency*

The only downside I found with this radio is it will only let you import 1000 DMR contacts in the radio but if you are running it mainly off a hotspot having the callsigns displayed there is wont be a problem but you can still import the most active VK contacts into it.


Some other random features the radio has is

Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR Specification

Radio supports 1 Bluetooth audio accessory and 1 Bluetooth data device simultaneously

3 W (Internal) speaker is front mounted and sounds great

Can be programmed via 3 different connections rear data plug, Mic plug, or via Bluetooth

These radios come up a lot on eBay, so if you are interested in one that would be the best place to keep an eye out they can go for around 200-400

Cheers and 73


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Good write up... well done.. so is this for sale ??




no not for sale just thought I would add a review on it maybe get some radio reviews going

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