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Recently one of our members had a small problem with his IC-705..

Nothing major, but it was a situation that it best not to use the rig.

The problem is that tricky little Micro SD Card Slot.. It can be very fiddly to eject and insert the SD Card. Mainly because of the position of the SD Card Slot and size of the SD Card, being a Micro Card.

The problem he encountered was when he tried to insert the SD Card back into the slot, what can happen is that you may insert the card beside that actual carrier of the SD card (The Slot), and when this happens the card can be pushed further inside the case, thus causing a nightmare. The SD Card can then not be retrieved.

Once this has happened, it is best to contact Icom as did the owner, and it was quickly fixed. Or if you are game, dismantle the radio to remove the misplaced SD Card. (Not Recommended!)

The good news is that the repair was done at Icom and no damage was done to the transceiver.. Good news hey !!

So.. be careful when inserting that fiddly little Micro SD Card, as it's very easy to insert incorrectly.



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