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History of the car radio

Hello Members and Amateur Radio Operators.. Recently we received an email from Kelly Ackford.. The Email Text Below... Note: Although requested this link will not be added to our Links Page of the FAMPARC website as it is not directly associated with Amateur Radio, however I have created this Blog for all to see and enjoy.


"Good Evening Mr. Subramani, Mr. Seabridge and Mr. Shine,

I would just like to say a quick word of thanks! As a youth services librarian running a fun radio and broadcasting history class for 10-14 year olds, I've been able to get some great use out of your Amateur Radio Club's resource links list during these times of remote learning. We were even able to use some of this information for our most recent group project! Thanks so much for sharing!

I hope you don't mind, one of our youngest, Dylan has also asked me if I could share an article that he and his father found together recently on The History of the Car Radio with you, which includes a great timeline featuring the large-scale radio broadcasting boom of the 1920's, the invention of the first radio for military purposes, the form and function of early car radios, etc. I've included it below if you'd like to review!

We noticed you didn't have this one listed yet, but Dylan was actually the one to bring up that this could be something you might like to include for others who may also come across your information and have an interest in radio history.

If you find you're able to use this one, would you please let me know? We're meeting tomorrow and I would absolutely love to surprise Dylan if you are able to do so - I'm hoping to keep spirits up in light of the past few year's events and I think it would make him proud to know he was able to 'pay it forward' on a topic he's passionate about (we're big on this principle in our group) and maybe even show his father their contribution if it ends up being included.

Thanks again for all your help here,

Kelly Ackford

End "

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