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For You!

Hello Members,

Yep.. this is for you to download, Print & Display...

As mentioned at our recent Monthly meeting, a way of getting new members to our club is to promote... We chatted about using a Club Flyer and attaching to your local Supermarket, Sports Hall, or any Community Poster Board in your area.

I posted this one this morning at Hastings Pelican Park Recreation Centre.

They were more than happy to allow me to place our flyer.

This can be done at most if not all Supermarket's etc..

Below is a PDF for you to download, print and display..

Work the world Supermarket Flyer
Download PDF • 322KB

Sample of the Flyer.

For those of you that are not able to print this file.. Feel free to grab a few of these at the club.

It's easy.. we all need to go to the Supermarket!

Thanks !!!



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Unknown member
Mar 05

A great job from one of our members Warren..

Hi Craig,

Re your flyers in Supermarkets etc..

Today I ventured out and have pinned flyers at these spots::

Karingal Community,Ashleigh St.Karingal..

Langwarrin Community Centre..

Chelsea Arcade Nepean Hwy,

Frankston Sth Community Hall,

Chisholm Campus Frankston..(2 flyers),

Hopefully we may be rewarded with some enquiries.

All places welcomed us to place the flyers.Wearing my club ID helped greatly.



Warren... a Super effort mate thank you for such a fantastic effort!

Well done.



Unknown member
Mar 05

A very good initiative. Kudos, and double also for the hard work in actually doing it and following through.

Unknown member
Mar 05
Replying to

Thanks Richard!

Hope to catch up soon..


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