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Updated: 4 days ago

During our July monthly meeting the club decided to investigate whether to build a remote radio station (RRS). To clarify how we think an RRS might be used, the club will run an RRS user-needs workshop on Saturday 27 July from 1000-1115 in the club rooms.

Ian (VK3KO) will facilitate the workshop and it will be your opportunity to have a say on what you think a useful FAMPARC remote facility should provide. We will also identify any operating or technical constraints which any design should consider.

Could you please make note of you interest or thoughts below in the comments area.

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Unknown member
2 days ago

I hope that we get a lot of interest from members for this discussion. The session is being moderated by Ian very professionally and I feel that we are fortunate to have such tallent available to go over the pros and cons etc to develop a working proposal. For me it would offer the chance to get out of suburban living restrictions and get on air utilising the latest developments in Software Defined Radio, be that Icom Flex or Yaesu. Our Club already has Icom Rig(s) and a group of us have been experimenting with a generously loaned Flex, with another on order which could become available too. I have zilch chance of putting up an HF antenna at my…


6 days ago

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