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Sunday 19 June 11:00 – Club Rooms

The EMDRC HAB (High Altitude Balloon) Team will host a BBQ courtesy of EMDRC so come along, get to meet them and renew acquaintances within the club…

This is an opportunity to meet the EMDRC HAB team, learn about the EMDRC HAB roadmap for 2022/2023, see what’s been accomplished to date, check out some of the HAB tracking equipment in action and get assistance building your own HAB tracking setup (on Windows using a mobile/base rig or even with the Raspberry Pi and RTL SDR).

We’ll also spend time sharing with you the learning we’ve gained tracking down BoM radiosondes, talk about re-using those sondes (fox hunting, etc.) including going over the Windows/Raspberry Pi based software/tools that we use to track the HAB payload.

You’ve been hearing about the EMDRC HAB initiative through our monthly newsletter updates, posts at the EMDRC website…’s finally time to meet up in person. Please come along to the EMDRC HAB barbecue on the 19th of June at 11:00 Hrs at the EMDRC club rooms.

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Unknown member
Jun 12, 2022

I may go to this... anyone want to join me ?

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