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Earl Russell VK3BER

Dear members of Famparc.

It is with sorry, I report the passing of one of the longest serving members of famparc.

Earl Russell VK3BER peacefully passed away on Wednesday 29th of August 2023.

New members to our club will be unaware that Earl together with his wife Mavis were part of the team that opened and developed the famparc club nearly fifty years ago.

At one point he held the position of president and another period he took on the successful roll as club secretary. Earl together with his wife Mavis organised field day outings, these were always family events with children and organised games where caravans and tents could always be found.

I feel the older members of our club will remember Earl with fondness and respect.

Rest in Peace Earl, you deserve it.

Roy. Vk3gb.

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Unknown member
Sep 04, 2023

Vale Earl. VK3BER

So sad to hear of Earls passing. He was a powerhouse working with FAMPARC in the early years I was 17 when I joined, still at school The club was very focused with the scouts then. He and Jim Milway VK3CX facilitated the building of towers and antennas up at Joseph Harris Park in Mount Martha. Earl always helped out by donating gear, so we could all use it making big noises from Mount Martha. Earl was a driver in getting a TH6DX for the scouts at Mount Martha, the park was an amazing DX location, particularly in the sunspot cycle peak of 1979 Earl and his wife Mavis created a fantastic social club with many pe…


Unknown member
Sep 04, 2023

Rest in peace Earl

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