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Build your own UNUN!

This Saturday 8th Oct. Richard, VK3TXD will be visiting the club to demonstrate the

FRC 100W Kit.

The FRC100W Kit is the EFHW 100 watt version UNUN Transformer.

So if you are interested in building a 100 watt version UNUN Transformer for a End Fed Half Wave Antenna.... Come on down to the club this Saturday.

Deposits or full payment will be accepted on the day.

As you know I have been away on a trip with my wife, and managed to play around with the FRC100W UNUN and wire..

Although I have always been a OCF antenna man... I must say that I have convinced that the EFHW running this UNUN Transformer is soooo much easier, especially the tuning of the antenna.

Although this is a sample UNUN kit from Richard, it is extremely well made and very robust for park and home use.

I'm converted that's for sure!

Craig.. vk3ncr

Kit Sample.. will have instructions..

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Oct 06, 2022

Richard, VK3TXD, top man and very knowledgeable, he will do a great presentation, unfortunately cant make it, Cheers Tony

Unknown member
Oct 06, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for the feed back.. We will have them available on our web site soon.

Thanks for responding !

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