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BAREC Field Operations Group.


  • When: Friday August 19th at 7.30 pm.

  • Where: Bendigo East Hall, 35 Lansell St.

  • Contact: Graeme, 5441 5461.

Official Launch of the BAREC Field Operations Group - Friday August 19th at 7.30 pm.

Bendigo Amateur Radio & Electronics Club invites you to our August meeting - theOfficial Launch of the BAREC Field Operations Group, presented by Neil VK3ZVX. This Special Interest Group will focus on BAREC's contribution to Community Support during a regional emergency. Its mission is to Plan, Prepare, and Train for the inevitable. As an Amateur Radio Club, this is the most important work we can do. The first step in this process will be a Show-and-Tell night with a focus on Field Operations (SOTA, Mills-On-The-Air, Parks Activations etc).

So if you have:- a Go-Kit, - a good box for a Go-Kit - a Squid Pole antenna of any sort, - a favourite Wire Antenna, - a portable Antenna Mount, - a Shack-in-a-Box, - a Shack-in-a-Sack, - QRP rigs, - Batteries, - Battery boxes, - Portable/camping Solar Panels, - a Pedal Radio setup, - Portable Logging Hardware / Software, - a Compact ATU, - something that you think is worth demonstrating - e.g. WinLink, Digital Mode - or anything else which might help you to operate away from home and without mains power, - even if it is only a half-baked idea, a half-built project, or a pile-of-bits for one ...BRING IT ALONG... (...and be prepared to explain it if need be...) What matters is that we get the widest possible range of ideas and inspirations. This will enable us to design BAREC's Go-Kits with the cleverest solutions from our combined experience and skills. Our Hall is well heated now, but with covid numbers rising again we encourage everyone to make their own best decision about attending. Masks, hand hygiene, and social distancing will apply for everyone's well-being. The presentation commences at 7.30 pm, Friday August 19th at BAREC Headquarters, Bendigo East Hall, 35 Lansell St. A gold coin donation would be appreciated, and a light supper will be provided. For more information, contact Graeme on 5441 5461. The presentation will also be made available after the event on the BAREC YouTube channel at:

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