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Available now, the Amateur Radio Foundation Book latest edition..

Famparc has in stock the latest Foundation book for all who would like to study for their Amateur Radio Foundation License.

The Foundation BOOK
Your Entry Into Amateur Radio

The fourth edition of the popular WIA publication "Your Entry Into Amateur Radio" the Foundation Licence Manual is in stock and available for purchase. This full colour 104 page manual is packed with valuable information for anyone interested in learning about the hobby of amateur radio and for those interested in obtaining their Foundation Licence.

The manual contains all the relevant information you will need to know to successfully complete a training course to obtain a Foundation Licence. It also contains a wealth of reference information for the Foundation Licence operator, information such as Band Plans, Electrical Safety, operating procedures such as the use of Phonetics and the Q code, radio club information, emergency preparedness, how to contact the WIA and much more.

The book can be purchased the the club each Wednesday or Saturday Mornings whilst the club rooms are open.

(Pick Up)Price: $28.00 (Payment Cash Preferred)

Or, postage can be arranged for a fee of $15.00 Australia wide. Plus the above cost of the book.

Please contact us via our Contact Form Here.

Have fun, get studying and enjoy what Amateur Radio has to offer.

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