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Antennapalooza update

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Hi members,

The Antennapalooza weekend is moving ahead.. Friday and the weather is perfect..

Hoping to see many of you down here for this top event.





Saturday Morning


Sunday Morning... Brrrrr

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Unknown member
Apr 18, 2023

I hope the members participated the event had a good time meeting their friends and listening to the presentations. I had a great weekend, except the weather!! we had good participation from FAMPARC. I learned something new from all the presentations most of them were informative.


Unknown member
Apr 16, 2023

I was there yesterday. Other commitments today. However, yesterday started with a report on different wires used for antennas. From barbed wire to copper to aluminium. For me the biggest surprise was the different resonant frequencies for a given length of wire. In this instance the length of wire was just over three metres. There was a full megahertz different between wires.

Next was a report on outback travel and radio operation, including safety issues. The big surprise or take away from me was bullbars as antenna mounts. Apparently bullbars don’t make good antenna mounts. The vibration of the bullbar could destroy the base of the antenna. Especially big antennas like the FAMPARC moulty band. So I guess it begs…

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