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AMC Online Remote Exams

AMC Online Remote Exams Approved For Under 18 Year Old Candidates

Date : 29 / 05 / 2022 Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

The WIA recently received official AMC documentation confirming a shift in Amateur Radio Remote Exam Procedure.

Previously under the constraints of UTas policy, anyone under the age of 18 years of age was unable to sit an Online Remote Amateur Radio Exam Session.

As you could imagine, this UTas policy had quite a negative impact on the ability to bring Youth and teenagers into the Amateur Service, especially during the last two years during the Covid pandemic and lock downs that ensued, as "face to face" exam sessions were extremely restricted or not allowed.

Recent discussions by WIA members with ACMA and AMC have enabled AMC/UTas to amend their Amateur Radio Examination Policy to allow under 18’s to sit exams via remote.

(Remote examinations can only be conducted by an AMC Level 3 Assessor)

However some specific conditions must first be met and information received from the Office of Maritime Communications / AMC Amateur Radio is quoted below.

“Remote assessments for candidates under the age of 18 are permitted to be conducted and have additional stipulations. A condition of conducting a remote online assessment for a candidate under the age of 18 is for a parent/guardian to be present in the room whilst the examination is being conducted.

The following additional information is required to be sent to the office - an email address along with a contact phone number of the parent/guardian available to be present on the day the assessment is planned to take place.”

This change will also be in conjunction to the proposed fully online Examination service AMC have been proposing to be released for use later this year.

The WIA thanks the AMC/UTas for their consideration in amending their Exam Policy as this simple change is a big win for the AMC, AMC Assessors, WIA and the Amateur Radio Service in Australia.

If you know of any potential Under 18 year old who may wish to sit their Amateur Radio Examination, either via online or Face to Face, then contact the WIA office for further information and study materials.

Above editorial supplied from the WIA Web site..

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