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With lots of Icom IC-705 rigs now owned my Famparc members, I stumbled across this great feature which I have not used before.

Most radios have these feature, so it's not unique, but this helped me lots in receiving a low signal.

Running on FM to a local Repeater that I have problems in receiving, I played around with Filter, Noise Reduction etc.. but, using the Receive Pre-Amp, WOW.. the change in receive signal and noise floor was amazing. SN Ratio

The quick video demonstrates having the Pre-Amp on and off when receiving this low signal from VK3RSU Repeater.

Try it for yourself on a low signal on say FM..

You will hear the difference between the SN ration on receive between the Pre-Amp on then off.

Have fun with your IC-705. I am !



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Unknown member
Jan 25

Nice Demo🤓

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