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Updated: Feb 1

Hey Members,

Glenn VK4NGA has released his simple AllStar Node Build Kit.

It has taken me few hours to put together a list of components that is required to build a complete node.

If a few members are interested the club could place an order for all the components and then hold a build day.. (Glenn will be willing to assist us with the build.)

This would reduce the stress in having to order all the components from different suppliers.

If you would like to participate and build a AllStar Node.. Click the Agree Box below, enter you CallSign and tap Done Button.

The AllStar Node page not only shows what AllStar is all about, but if you scroll down, you will see the build section.

The links will take you to the appropriate sites where you can place the order for the components. Or as mentioned above, if we get enough takers, the club can order the kits.

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