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1 May 2024

Updates to amateur radio information, qualification framework and call sign policy

In February 2024, the Radiocommunications (Amateur Stations) Class Licence 2023 (class licence) commenced and we released the amateur radio call sign policy and qualification framework.

Updates to amateur radio call sign policy

Following feedback from amateur operators, we have updated the amateur radio call sign policyto:

  • Remove Jervis Bay from the list of external territories that amateur operators can apply for a VK9 call sign from, as it is an internal territory.

  • Clarify that:

  • VK0 call signs can only be transmitted when the operator is in the Antarctic.

  • VK9 call signs can only be transmitted when the operator is in an Australian external territory.

  • Provide better links to information about our fees for call signs.

  • Specify that F-series call signs cannot be reserved or transferred to another amateur operator.

  • Outline the information we require from the representative of a deceased amateur, when reserving or seeking to transfer their call sign.

Updates to the qualification framework

We have updated the qualification framework to more clearly outline the qualifications that allow amateurs to operate under the class licence without first obtaining an ACMA recognition certificate. Table 1 in the qualification framework now specifies exemptions for holders of Advanced Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency if they wish to apply for an ACMA recognition certificate.

Web updates

Our website has been updated to clarify:

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