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80 meter bent half square

My 80 meter bent half square was probably the best antenna I ever had. I had it broadside to Europe at my Hampton Va QTH, I had it broadside to the Pacific area for one contest at my New Kent location and then installed it again broadside to Europe.

Very hard to work Europe off the ends so I took about 5 hours to rotate it. Only rotated it once! It is important to note that a half square is not worth the trouble on 20 meters and above because a dipole at the same height as the top wire of the half square has more gain for DX.

On 40 meters the top wire is about 35 or 40 feet and a 40 meter dipole at that height is about the same as the half square and a dipole is easier to put up.

Thanks to Mani for finding this Video.

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Unknown member
Jul 09, 2023

Hi All.

A very interesting and informative video, however, the continuos use of DBi I think deserves explanation. Please note accuracy.

Cheers. Roy.

Difference between dB and dBi


Antenna gain measured in dB

Antenna gain measured in dBi


dB is to measure the relative strength of a signal

dBi is to measure the gain of an antenna


dB is used as a standard unit of measurement in many industries

dBi is specific to the field of antenna design


dB is calculated using a logarithmic scale

dBi is calculated using an absolute scale


dB is a relative measure, with respect to a reference point

dBi is an absolute measure, relative to an isotropic antenna




Unknown member
Jul 07, 2023

Thanks Craig. Thanks Mani

very good presentation

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