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40m VDSL filter for your NBN

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

A few of us have been battling with our HF transmission knocking out our NBN connection.

This creates all sorts of problems especially to our loved ones who are trying to use the home Internet.

I stumbled across this page on Andrew's VK3FS Blog page. Here!

Comments from his site:

40m and Australia's NBN delivered over FTTN just doesn't mix. It's like oil and water. Transmit on 40 metres and kill the internet....

For further information Click here to visit's Andrew's VK3FS Blog Page.


Update as of 4Th Aug. I received this tiny RF Choke from my good friend Richard, VK3TXD on Monday and installed it just as the image shows above.. I have been testing it over the past few days and since installing this tiny piece of magic, so far.. it works!!!! Amazing.. Thank you to both Andrew VK3FS and Richard VK3TXD.

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