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WIA Broadcast for famparc


You may recall that I mentioned a while back that I would like to do a Promo for the club on the WIA Weekly News Bulletin Broadcast.

Well.. The other day I produced document outlining recent changes to our club etc.

I had a go at recoding it myself, but after listening to my bogan commentary, I decided to contact a old friend of mine who I keep in contact with on a regular basis.

The chap is also a Ham, VK4BAT Trevor, he has a golden voice to say the least, he is also a Joc for a Sunshine Coast Radio Station, 4GY. He also does Voice Overs and I have used him for the place I worked at..

Anyway, Trevor was happy to do the voice over for us, as the grab only goes for around 90 seconds or so.

After receiving the file, I forward it to the WIA. The reply from the WIA, was that there is a good chance that the Grab will be included in this weekends Broadcast.

So listen out for it.

Below is the file if you wish to listen to it.

I hope it meets all approvals from our Members.

Famparc Extended remix
Download MP3 • 2.40MB




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