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Updated: Mar 2

Hello Famparc Members,

We have important topic that I wish to bring to the attention of our members.

The Famparc membership subscriptions were due for the year 2024, as of Jan 1st 2024.

We are now approaching the month of March as you are aware, so membership subs are well overdue.

We have a total of 69 members on our books, and out of those members excluding lifetime members, we have 30 members that have not paid their 2024 membership subscriptions.

Total Members 69
Members Non-Financial 30

We ask that if you wish to continue as a member of the club, if you could please arrange payment as soon as possible.

For members wishing to retire their membership, please feel free to contact us via the email address below.

Payment details:

Pricing as of 1st Jan. 2024

Current subs are:

Normal $50

Retired /Student /Pensioner $45

Family $55

Our bankers are NAB, Frankston     BSB: 083-253 Acct No: 03-683-3688 


When making payment, please include your full name and callsign.

You can email your payment details to

Your membership subscriptions are important to the club and its members. This allows the club to continue to grow and benefit all club members. You are one of them!


For those that are new to the club and paid their club membership mid to late 2023, there is no need to make payment for 2024, as your late 2023 payment will carry over for 2024.

If you could please contact us if you made payment after June 2023.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.


Kind regards,



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Unknown member
Feb 25

My apologies Craig. Unfortunately I have a prior engagement and will be unavailable on that day.

Stanley J. Mitchell VK3BOT

Unknown member
Feb 27
Replying to

Hi Stanley,

Thanks for letting me know.. Would you like to be on the Committee or on the Admin ??




Unknown member
Feb 23

Come on members, please step up and either nominate someone or yourself.. We MUST have a formed Administration for the club to continue.. Otherwise as pointed out in our last monthly meeting, the club room doors will be locked until an admin is in place.

Stand up and give it a try.

Please !


Interim President

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