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Geomagnetic storm from a solar flare

Geomagnetic storm from a solar flare could disrupt radio communications and create a striking aurora.

Space weather forecasters have issued a geomagnetic storm watch throughout Monday, saying an outburst of plasma from a solar flare could interfere with radio transmissions on Earth. It could also make for great aurora viewing.

There's no reason for the public to be concerned, according to the alert issued on Saturday by NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Centre in Boulder, Colorado.

The storm could interrupt high-frequency radio transmissions, such as by aircraft trying to communicate with distant traffic control towers.

Most commercial aircraft can use satellite transmission as backup, said Jonathan Lash, a forecaster at the centre.

Satellite operators might have trouble tracking their spacecraft, and power grids could also see some "induced current" in their lines, though nothing they can't handle, he said.

"For the general public, if you have clear skies at night and you are at higher latitudes, this would be a great opportunity to see the skies light up," Lash said.

Thanks to Stan vk3bot for this information.

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