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D-STAR QSO PARTY 2023 - 2024


October 20th, 2023

Purpose Encourage use of D-STAR protocol in RF and IP around the globe as well as the picture sending functions available for newer generation D-STAR radios

Rules The goal of the D-STAR QSO PARTY is to increase use of D-STAR communications in direct, via a repeater / repeaters as well as any Internet relayed voice communication means using D-STAR protocol. Exchanging pictures in a data mode will gain the highest points.

All the operators who submit an approved log will be given a Party Certificate (PDF file). Operators who submit an approved log with at least 30 points worth of communications will be eligible for the prize draw.

Winners will be randomly selected to each win a prize. The more D-STAR QSO’s you make, the more chances you have to win. Please refer to the entry QSO point rules below.

QSO Points

10 points 5 points

: Exchange pictures by D-STAR data mode in addition to voice communication: Direct, via a D-STAR repeater or D-STAR repeaters (Callsign routing) voice communication between

D-STAR radios: Any other means between any devices using D-STAR protocol either in IP or RF (including use of

1 pointNote: QSO between the same station can be counted only once in a day.

reflectors / internet relayed non-radio terminals)

➢ To quality for prize draw point, you need to successfully make contacts which total points are at least 30.➢ Every more 30points up to 210 will gain another draw right (30points = 1, 60points = 2, 90points = 3 / Max 7

rights).➢ Please refer to the event site and product manuals about picture exchange

<For example>If you made D-STAR communications worth 65 points, you will have the two draw rights (double the chance of winning a prize than single draw right).

How the above “prize draw right” system will work

  • ➢  The name and/or call sign of each valid entrant into the D-STAR QSO PARTY will be collated and included in

  • ➢  As per the explanation above, the number of prize draw right is multiplied depending on the points of result of

  • ➢  Winners can receive only one prize. Therefore, in the case where a winner’s name/call sign is drawn again,

D-STAR QSO Party 2023 details

Date & timeUTC: December 27th, 2023 0:00 – January 5th, 2024 23:59

QSO Party organizerIcom Incorporated / Icom America Inc.

Who can take part in the QSO party? All licensed Ham Radio operators.

Participation bands and modes No restrictions (D-STAR protocol)

Making a call <Call >


<Contest Number>➢ The other stations RS➢ The radio or device name you used for the communication

Example of rubber stamp QSO :<<CQ>>CQ D-STAR QSO PARTY,CQ D-STAR QSO PARTY.This is JA3YUA,Juliett - Alfa - Three - Yankee - Uniform - Alfa,JA3YUA. From Hirano Repeater to Seattle Repeater. Calling CQ and Standing-by.

<<Reply>JA3YUA, This is N9JA, November - Nine - Juliet – Alfa From Seattle Repeater to Hirano Repeater. I am from the U.S. (country name)Exchange Number is “59” and “ID-52” Over

<<Reply>>N9JA, This is JA3YUA,Juliett - Alfa - Three - Yankee - Uniform - Alfa,JA3YUA. Thank you for coming back my call.I am from Japan.Exchange Number is “59” and “IC-9700” 73

<<Picture QSO>>You may additionally exchange pictures showing callsign as proof of picture QSO (i.e. digital QSO card like picture) in any D-STAR data mode (slow / fast data).

Things to remember

  1. Abide by all Amateur Radio laws in your country.

  2. Party organizers are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage/trouble associated with this D-STAR

  3. When you use the repeaters, be considerate of other users who are not taking part in this QSO party.

How to submit a logThere are two log formats accepted.

<Electronic log>Please use the supplied spread sheet files and submit it to the e-mail address listed below. Please make the name of the file your call sign. For example: JA3YUA.log.xls When a communication is accompanied with picture exchange, please supply the file (JPEG or PNG which size is less than 1MB each / use radio’s and/or smart device application screen shot function) together with the record. The file name of such pictures must include the callsign.

<Paper log>You can download a summary sheet and log sheet from “Log Reporting” page listed below and submit the completed sheets by E-mail In addition to that, you can prepare your own log in an Excel spreadsheet. The same above-mentioned picture rule is applicable also for Paper submission.

Due date for submitting (must arrive by date) <Electronic log / Paper Log>January 21st, 2024 23:59 UTC

Where to send<Electronic log / Paper Log>E-mail :

Double check the following before submitting.1. Please fill in your name and call sign, in the comment column.2. Please fill in the model name of the radio or device you used for this QSO party.3. Please fill in your comments regarding the QSO party after participation, and share your ideas. 4. Please understand that winning call signs will be published when the winners are announced.

JudgeIcom Incorporated / Icom America Inc.

Prizes30 x Limited special D-STAR QSO Party Plaque

Disqualification1. Participants who do not obey the relevant Amateur Radio laws of their country.2. Participants who do not obey the QSO party rules.3. Participants who submit false logs4. Participants who submit insufficient documents or send logs by normal mail at short paid. 5. Participants who are disqualified by the QSO party organizers for any other valid reason.

Announcement of resultsResults will be announced on February 29th, 2024

Comments or inquiriesComments or inquiries will be accepted by e-mail until January 21st, 2024 23:59 UTC

NotificationThe two e-mail addresses below, for correspondence regarding this D-STAR QSO party, will become invalid on February 29th, 2024.E-mail address to submit logs : D-Star.QSOPARTY_LOG@IcomAmerica.comE-mail address for comments/inquiries :

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