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Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Tasmania

The month of June 2023 sees the centenary celebration of organised amateur radio in Tasmania.

There are a huge number of activities happening throughout the month of June and beyond. These include:

  • Operation of the Special Centenary callsign – VK7WIA

    • Any Amateur Radio Operator with a VK7 callsign and based in Tasmania can apply to operate the special event callsign for a short period in the month of June.

    • Watch this space for the link to the rostering and logging system that will be come available very soon.

    • Contact person for the operation of the VK7WIA callsign is Reg Emmett VK7KK –

Trevor obtained the call 7AA in 1922. When international communication became possible, it became necessary to add letters to identify the countries, hence the “A” for Australia.

  • Special QSL cards will be available as a physical card or an electronic card via LOTW.

Hobart Radio Research Club QSL Card (circa 1930s)

  • Special Centenary Award Certificate will be available for those amateurs who meet the following centenary award conditions:

    • At least one RF phone contact;

    • 10 Contacts with VK7WIA within VK/ZL

    • 5 Contacts with VK7WIA outside VK/ZL

    • There will be special Tassie Devil Award – Centenary Endorsements available

Bill Nicholas, VK7WR, won the hidden transmitter hunt at the Field Day in Hobart in 1935.

  • Open Days held around the State – amateur radio historic and working displays open to the public:

    • SOUTH – Saturday June 10th – Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Inc – Queens Domain Clubrooms, Hobart

      • Contact Rod Finlayson VK7TRF –

    • NORTH – Saturday June 17th – Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club Inc. – Scout Hall Archer St, Rocherlea, Launceston

      • Contact Peter Dowde VK7PD –

    • NORTH WEST – Saturday June 24th – North West Tasmania Amateur Radio Club Inc. – Scout Hall Alexandra Road Ulverstone

      • Contact Eric van de Neut VK7EV –

  • Media Opportunities to promote amateur Radio to the general public.

    • Contact person is Reg Emmett VK7KK –

  • Amateur Radio Magazine will have features on VK7 History starting in the May/June edition with a history of amateur radio in Tasmania (VK7).

  • WIA National News Broadcast will be coming from VK7 on the 18th June 2023.

  • And many more activities – watch this space.

This event is support by our national representative body the Wireless Institute of Australia. Some of the amateurs at an exhibition in Launceston.

The VK7 Centenary is:

  • Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW

  • Reg Emmett VK7KK

  • Rod Finlayson VK7TRF

  • Peter Dowde VK7PD

  • Eric Van De Neut VK7EV

  • Mike Jenner VK7FB

  • Linda Luther VK7QP

  • Phil Corby VK7ZAX

Committee contact email is:

Len Crooks VK7BQ in his Shack in May 1969.

Craig. vk3ncr

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Membro sconosciuto
02 giu 2023

Thanks Craig

We’ll be over there during some of this time touring with a car club, so hope to catch up with some of their members🤓

Mi piace
Membro sconosciuto
02 giu 2023
Risposta a

Good John.. Don't forget to take some pics.. !!!

Will we see you down the club soon?😀



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