A brief History of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Amateur Radio Club

Sometime during the year 1999 the club premises in the grounds of St Leonard’s College was destroyed by fire. Unfortunately most of the clubs history was lost in the fire; however we have been fortunate in finding several old meeting books. The earliest being dated 27-02-1976. For the last two years I have been collecting information regarding the concept of forming a radio club in Frankston. I am indebted to many club members who have sat down and given this a great deal of thought and to others who have come across a single page of information whilst cleaning out a cupboard. I am particularly indebted to the late Gordon Buchanan VK3GB who during his very active years at the club wrote the following.

A look at Our Early History.

Did you know that twenty years ago there was no Radio Club in the Frankston? Or on the Peninsula for that matter. The nearest club was Moorabbin And District Amateur Radio Club, to which many of the Amateurs on the Peninsula belonged. However, it was a long way to travel, especially if you lived in Mornington or further south, so there was a great deal of interest shown when it was suggested that a Radio Club be set up in Frankston.

After much discussion on air and at private meetings, the matter finally came to a head when a meeting was arranged for all interested parties to be held on 22nd November 1975 at the QTH of Colin VK3YII and Colleen Fisher in Frankston.

The above date is questioned by some Amateurs but in the bulging files I have on the early history of FAMPARC I discovered the original handwritten minutes, which I have transcribed.

About 32 people attended the meeting at which a Steering Committee was set up to oversee the details of registration etc. The members appointed to the Steering Committee were: Chairman Dennis Johnson VK3ZUX Vice Chairman Erwin Boord VK3ZTF Secretary Earl Russell VK3BER Asst. Secretary Mavis Russell Treasurer John Mathews VK3ZWJ

The first motion passed by the meeting was. That a club is formed and officers elected. And so began a meeting which has grown into the Club as you know it today. There were four different names to be discussed, but the meeting could not agree and postponed the decision until the first General Meeting which was arranged for Friday 17th February 1976. However, there was another meeting on Saturday 13th December 1975, when they arranged a BBQ at the Dromana Reserve for Sunday 15th February 1976. I cannot find any minutes for that day but there are several references to the BBQ.

Then came the big night with the Mayor of Frankston Council Geoff Eastwood opening the meeting with standing room only in the Staff Room at the Frankston Technical College. The office bearers and Committee for 1976 were elected with Dennis Johnstone, President. Colin Fisher, Vice President. Earl Russell, Secretary. Mavis Russell, Asst Secretary. John Mathews, Treasurer. Robyn Johnstone and Arthur Woodyard as Committee members. Arthur was appointed Social Secretary, and Chris Edmonson appointed Publicity Officer. Councilor Geoff Eastwood agreed to become our Patron. A vote of thanks was moved to thank Councilor Eastwood for attending the meeting and was passed with acclamation.

The following year with guest speakers every month, talking on subjects ranging from Clandestine Radio in prison of war camps—high reliable soldering—Japanese Amateur radio production techniques—Monash astronomical activities etc. Danny VK3NG ran a course for the August exam. Social events including a car rally to a reserve at Mt Gambier, meeting up with the Midland Amateurs. Lots of BBQ’s and the first end of the year function was held at the Vines Hotel, with an excellent meal, a room to ourselves and some lively dance music.

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The FAMPARC clubrooms are located on the South side of the school grounds of Cornish College (formerly St. Leonard's College, Patterson Lakes Campus), Riverend Road, Bangholme. Melway Ref. 93 J11 or UBD Ref 276 A3. (Note: South-heading traffic must take Wells Road, NOT the Freeway). Club house phone number 0490 900 279
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