Welcome to the Famparc Radio Club

Regular FAMPARC activities;

Weekly Net: Tuesdays at 8pm club members (and friends) meet on 146.425MHz controlled by Bill VK3MMM.

Weekly Wednesdays 9am to 2pm at the club rooms. Meet other club members no longer in the work force and reflect on those busy days. Some work may be done on projects at your leisure.

Weekly Saturdays 9am to 2pm at the club rooms. Get together by club members (and friends). Have a chat on HF or VHF, join in with various projects, or at least discuss themover a cup of coffee.

Last Saturday of the month. Member business meeting starting at approximately 10.30am

Production of the Famparc HF Whip has ceased so they are no longer available from the club.

From left to right- VK3AB Alan, VK3GB Roy, VK3MMM Bill

Up until mid 2013 for a little over 11 years, the club manufactured primarily Amateur band HF mobile whips as well as VKS-737 variations that became well know as the Famparc whip. Over the years these range of antennas have grown in reputation for quality and efficiency. This has been due to the dedication, and hard work of principally two club members Alan VK3AB and Bill VK3MMM. Their enthusiasm for building a highly tuned effective antenna knew no bounds. The Famparc whip can be found and heard in all areas of Australia and most areas of New Zealand. There is at least one being driven round in South Africa! Over the years enquiries for the Famparc whip has been received from most areas of Europe and the U.S.A. The building of the Famparc whip started out as a club project and simply developed due to its effectiveness and rugged design. You will likely encounter them on the 2nd hand market for years to come. It is with some sadness I report that Alan VK3AB and Bill VK3MMM have finally retired and will no longer be producing this very popular mobile antenna. We wish them well in their well deserved retirement.

Roy VK3GB Famparc President.

VK3MMM Billy Wins Raffle Prize at the 2014 Famparc Xmas Dinner!!

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The FAMPARC clubrooms are located on the South side of the school grounds of Cornish College (formerly St. Leonard's College, Patterson Lakes Campus), Riverend Road, Bangholme. Melway Ref. 93 J11 or UBD Ref 276 A3. (Note: South-heading traffic must take Wells Road, NOT the Freeway).
Correspondance via mail to:
PO Box 65
Patterson Lakes Vic. 3197

E-mail: vk3ij@wia.org.au